When do you ship my order?
Once you receive confirmation to your mail, that indicates that the order has been fulfilled, we will ship your order and charge you. The estimated shipping time is 2-7 business days. Pre-orders will be shipped in accordance with the release date. 

Has my order been shipped?
If you have made an order at our shop, that means you will get an order confirmation by e-mail. The estimated delivery time is 2-7 business days, that is excluding weekends and holidays. 
NB. Please note that some e-mail clients have heavy spam-filters. Please check your spamfilter before contacting us.

Where is the tracking number?
Once your order has been fulfilled and collected by our forwarder (PostNord) will you receive a tracking code by email.
If you cannot locate your tracking number, then contact us at:

My shipment is delayed
In the case that your shipment is delayed due to force majeure or other independent reasons from HAFNIUM, then we ask for your patience. Usually there is little we can do to help within a short time frame or to hasten the delivery. If your shipment is late more than 10 days, please contact us and we will investigate the mistake.