As all jackets are handcrafted and most are made to fit your measurements perfect we don’t offer returns as a standard service. Don’t be afraid of this. We want happy costumers and therefore we are her to help you pick the right jacket, do your measurements correct and more before you place your order. If the situation is that you receive a jacket that don’t fit you. No problem. We can help you solve it and make it fit so you end up with your dream coat no matter what. If you are buying someone a gift please send us an email to know before placing your order.

Items returned must be packaged and shipped in a safe manner that ensures they can withstand normal transportation impacts. In order to return your package you will need to send it by yourself. HAFNIUM does not offer return labels duo to our delivery agreements - sorry for any inconvenience.

Send your package to:

Hafnium Copenhagen
Skudehavnsvej 1, Stack II
2150 Nordhavn

Does HAFNIUM have a return right? Yes, please refer to our terms & conditions.

My product is defective, what to do?:
As every item is handmade and check several times before leaving this is most unlikly to happen. If it should do anyway please send Hafnium an email as quick as possible with a brief explaination of the defect together with a few pictures. We are very proud of our products and promise to do our best to help you solve any problem. l

Missing items?
If you received your order in a state which the product was not sold, i.e. your order is missing items, then do not hesitate to contact us at: We will help you to rectify our mistake.